Writers of the Future 31, which I received and reviewed last year, is being included in a very cool Science Fiction & Fantasy digital bundle.

This collection of digital books, allows you to name your own price.  Feel free to check it out

Science Fiction’s Best Digital Bundle

Writers of the Future

The Writers of the Future is an anthology of the winning stories in a writing contest that helps find and launch new science fiction and fantasy authors & illustrators. This digital bundle of ebooks includes authors who have either won the contest or are judges for the contest. Authors include David Farland, Kevin J. Anderson, Brad Torgesen, and Jay Lake.

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…this ol’ Jurassic is starting to sound more and more like Methuselah ev’ry day, I know, Mabel… but, heck, when yeez get to a certain vintage, yeez are allowed to rabbit on about some things… many years ago, sumb’dy told me, ‘take yer job seriously, take yer profession seriously, take yer career seriously… in essence, take yer WURK seriously… but heaven forfend yeez should ever take yerself too seriously’… sound advice… now, I’m not trying to give yeez the Miss WURLD candidates’, I wanna save the planet and ev’rybody in it’ pitch of naiveté, but there’s a ton of merit in keeping things real… the ability to laff at myself has saved my Scottish a*se on so many occasions… and believe me there have been plenty of opportunities over the years to make a fool of me and my antics… right now, I’m ecstatically immersed with Crooked Cat…

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Povery’s Playpen

Courtesy of PhotoPin

Courtesy of PhotoPin

Let us got to Poverty’s Playpen

where you find the worst of society’s

the ones who will never amount to nothin’

or so they say…..

The cheats, hustlers, pimps, prostitutes, and thieves

the wasteful, the lazy, the indolent, the unworthy

anyone waiting for a handout, not a hand up.

or so they say….

Let us go to Poverty’s Playpen,

but only to see them,

not to be one of them

because all who enter Poverty’s Playpen

will never leave

or so they say….

Icarus Revisted

Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Courtesy Wikimedia Commons

Plunging down

from Heaven’s gates

his wings now melting

with quickening haste

Icarus feels flight for the first and only time.


even then

the stubborn mind of icarus,

falls squarely on one thing–

In flying so high did he actually aim too low i

n only seeking Heaven’s door?

Several months ago, when I was planning the promotion for my first book, On Hearing of My Mother’s Death Six Years After It Happened: A Daughter’s Memoir of Mental Illness, I decided to publish som…

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The days when a single Kindle Daily Deal could catapult an unknown book up the New York Times bestseller list are probably behind us now. And big publishers are experimenting more and more with price promotions, so that a super-low price on a self-published ebook isn’t enough to help it stand apart. So as more…

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There are a lot of really amazing things you can do to promote your book. Here are a few ideas you may have heard of: Host a video series on YouTube Create PDF excerpts of your book Host a live webinar on your book’s topic Release a top-notch book trailer Run a special discount sale The possibilities are endless! Here’s the truth, though: most of these promotions will fail. Most great content never gets seen I’ve been on conference calls with an author and their publisher in which they argue and deliberate over every nuance of a book trailer that probably less than 100 people will ever watch. More bad news: most blogs are hardly ever read. And most podcasts get just a few dozen listens. How does this happen? In Your First 1000 Copies, I argue that the #1 thing you should be doing as an author is growing an email list of your readers. It’s the best way to communicate with them long-term. Let’s back up and look at it from a different perspective. The main thing an email list is doing

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