Review: Bird

Bird by Crystal Chan
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Pros: Great start to book! Author has excellent ability to speak from a child’s perspective, although with more complexity and grace. Great plot and great surprises all the way to the end.

Cons: None.

“Bird” by Crystal Chan is an excellent surprise of a book! I assumed that the book would be about the trials and triumphs of a mixed race girl as she learns to handle society’s response to her identity. That isn’t a bad concept for a book, but I’ve read plenty of books like that. What I received from Crystal Chan was a book that demonstrated, rather than just showed, the fluidity of identity, childhood, culture and more on par with books like “To Kill a Mockingbird”. It began with a very gripping scene and then mellowed a little as the reader gets to travel in the life of “Bird” (the main character. From there, the plot thickens as Bird has to navigate through many worlds as a lone daughter with parents of two different cultures and perspectives, as a friend to John (who turns out to be something else than what he says), and as a griever to her long-dead brother whose impression still haunts the family.

The plot is further enhanced with mystery, because nothing it what it seems. People change alliances, people get fired, and people get hurt. Along the way, readers will experience a few twists and turns that they didn’t see coming. (Again, the theme of fluidity.) The ending was simple, but good enough and had just the right amount of mystery with room enough for a potential sequel.

A great read for anyone (adult or child over 10) will enjoy! It’s that good!

Memorable Quotes
“I’m half-Jamaican, a quarter white, an a quarter Mexican”,I said. “Wow”, John said, “I didn’t know people could turn out like that” (p.7)

“If you give up too much of yourself too fast, then someone can jump up and take it away” (p. 9)

“Digging in the backyard is not science” (p. 39)

“Dirt is everything” (p. 39)

“Shouldn’t they ask who I am? Why am I a what?” (p. 62)

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